About Felicity

I Help People Grow in Confidence with their Communication and Leadership

If you’re interested in improving your skills and confidence in communication and team leadership, I can help you. My facilitation and training is both practical, and based on up-to-date research and thinking. 

I can help you to:

  • Facilitate better team meetings
  • Deliver engaging virtual presentations
  • Network with confidence
  • Influence and persuade the people around you
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My Story

I have over 20 years’ experience in facilitating personal and professional development for individuals and groups.

I believe my knowledge  has both depth and breadth. I have trained in a range of transformative facilitation practices. So, my workshops and coaching draw on a range of evidence-based, creative and effective ideas. And I teach them in a practical and accessible way.  

I'm a certified Clean Language Facilitator, Time to Think Facilitator, and Nia movement teacher. And I have certifications in Leadership and Management (CMI and Edexcel), Advanced Coaching skills, Person Centred Counselling (Metanoia/University of Middlesex), and the Neuroscience of Change.


I am an enthusiastic blogger, and will be adding regular new content to this site.

I have also contributed to publications including The Metro Online, Happiful Magazine, Yahoo Finance and CEO Magazine. And I've authored and co-authored good practice guides include Learning to Lead and The Leadership Labyrinth, published by the Third Sector Leadership Centre. 

Most exciting for me, is that I am currently writing a book to help you communicate and connect with greater confidence and authenticity.  

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Felicity Presentation Skills

Speaking and Network Leadership

I have a warm and engaging speaking style, developed through my earlier training in acting as well as my professional experience. I have presented at conferences and seminars including the Association of Voluntary Service Managers, The Museums Association, Forum Events and numerous business networks. 

I also lead the Winchester Group and  the Hampshire Area for the Fabulous Networking business community. Through this group and my coaching, I encourage and support people to start and grow small enterprises. 

Career Coach

As a career coach, I am committed to helping you find success doing work you love. My coaching business is The Heart of Work.

The Heart of Work