Connect more deeply with yourself and others


Do you care about building trust and connection at work?

This is at the heart of my facilitation work, helping individuals, leaders and teams to connect and communicate, so people feel heard and understood. 

And you’ll find an abundance of ideas in my book, Crafting Connection, on how to develop meaningful professional and personal relationships.

Felicity Dwyer


Engaging talks and seminars, leaving audiences with thought-provoking ideas and practical tips and takeaways. 

Workshop facilitator

Helping groups and teams to learn and grow together, through small group workshops, with the option of 1:1 coaching.


Author of: Crafting Connection: transform how you communicate with yourself and others, published October 2022.

Meet Felicity

I'm a CIPD qualified trainer, an accredited Time to Think Facilitator and a Clean Language Facilitator. My passion is to facilitate connection, thinking and learning.

I work with organisations, teams and individuals to help them think deeply, communicate effectively, and generate an environment of trust and psychological safety. 

Group workshops and team development sessions draw on a range of evidence-based, creative and effective ideas, taught in a practical and accessible way.  

I'm also an experienced coach and offers one-to-one thinking partnerships for leaders and managers, with a focus on successful navigation of change and transition.

Please get in touch to discuss training or facilitation for your organisation. 

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