Crafting Connection: Transform how you communicate with yourself and others

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About Crafting Connection

Being able to connect deeply with other people will help you in your business, career or professional life. And more than that, meaningful connection with others is what gives most of us true joy and a sense of purpose in our personal lives.

But connecting and communicating at this level isn’t always easy, especially if we are fearful of being judged or rejected, or we lack the confidence to speak out.

In this thought-provoking and practical book, you’ll discover how connecting with yourself gives you a foundation for better relationships with others. It covers skills for approaching both one-to-one conversations, and group interactions such as networking and team meetings.

As you progress through three levels of connection, with practical exercises along the way, you will build your skills and confidence in relating to yourself and others.

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Crafting Connection is a must-read guide to communication and building better relationships. Felicity shares her deep experience and expertise through her versatile ‘3-D’ model, crafting connections on three levels: with oneself, with others, and as a community.

Packed full of insights and examples, each chapter satisfies the head (through reasoned logic and evidence-based science), the heart (impactful outcomes, reflective questions), and the hands (practical guidance and activities). 

Jess Annison OBE

Jess Annison Coaching

I found Crafting Connection to be an elegant, accessible, and practical guide to creating a more meaningful, authentic life by deepening the connection you have with yourself and with others. 

I really liked the Connecting in 3D framework as it makes sense of a big topic, and because it’s simple, it’s both powerful and memorable. 

There is so much wisdom in Crafting Connection that even adopting a fraction of the recommendations in the book could be life-changing.

Sarah Grant

Nutritional Therapist, Gut Reaction

This book could not be better timed for our shouty, social media driven world where communication is often downgraded to scoring points and provoking reactions. Felicity provides a clear and insightful guide to what good communication should be. 

Connecting in 3D is a powerful building block which we can all benefit from using in every area of our lives. Highly recommended.

Elizabeth Gresson

Organising expert, All Organised for You

The writing process

Something I've learned in the process of writing a book is that it’s a surprisingly collaborative process. Yes, the ideas and words are mine. But feedback and suggestion from readers of earlier drafts have been invaluable and the book will be so much better as a result of their input. And the work of professional editors and proofreaders is invaluable In ensuring that the finished work is as good as it can be.

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