About Felicity

I work with individuals and teams to help people think deeply, communicate clearly, and build trust in relationships. I do this through facilitation of meetings and workshops, through thought-provoking talks and seminars, and through one-to-one thinking partnerships.  You can be confident that my facilitation and training practice draws on up-to-date research and thinking, and leads to tangible, practical outcomes. 

I can help you to:

  • Facilitate better team meetings
  • Deliver engaging virtual presentations
  • Network with confidence
  • Influence with integrity
Felicity Dwyer

My Story

As a child I never really knew what I wanted to do when I grew up. My earlier career was as an editorial assistant, researcher and occasional feature writer in the newspaper and magazine industry. From the age of 24 I spent most of my spare time seeking out learning opportunities. I started with part time courses in drama and in psychology, then moving on to professional level courses in management and counselling.

I had a minor epiphany back in 1999 and knew that facilitating learning was what I wanted to do! Then led me to qualify as a trainer, facilitator and coach. And since then, I've accumulated over 20 years’ experience in facilitating personal and professional development for individuals, teams and groups.

Having trained in a range of transformative facilitation practices, you can be confident that my knowledge has both depth and breadth. My workshops and coaching draw on a range of evidence-based, creative and effective ideas, communicated in a practical and accessible way.  

I'm a certified Clean Language Facilitator, Time to Think Facilitator, and Nia movement teacher. I also hold qualifications and certifications in Leadership and Management (CMI and Edexcel), Advanced Coaching Skills (City University), Training Practice (CIPD), Person Centred Counselling (Metanoia/University of Middlesex), and the Neuroscience of Change (ICF).


I write about thinking, learning, facilitation, communication and connection. I publish to this site, and on LinkedIn.

I've been featured in publications including The Metro Online, Happiful Magazine, Yahoo Finance, CSMA Club Magazine (now Boundless) and CEO Magazine. And I've authored and co-authored good practice guides include Learning to Lead and The Leadership Labyrinth, published by the Third Sector Leadership Centre, and Bright Future Positive Influence, published by NCVO.

And I'm now writing a book filled with practical ideas to help you transform the way you connect and communicate with others.

Felicity writing in her garden
Felicity at Fabulous Networking conference

Speaking and Network Leadership

I have a warm and engaging speaking style, developed through my earlier training in acting as well as my professional experience. I have presented at conferences and seminars including the Association of Voluntary Service Managers, The Charity Trainers' Network, The Museums Association, Forum Events and numerous business networks. 

I'm the Winchester Group Leader and the Hampshire Area Leader for the Fabulous Networking business community. Through my network leadership, training and coaching, I encourage and support people to start and grow small enterprises.