Facilitating connection, thinking and learning

Clear and empathic communication helps teams, managers, and staff to work together effectively.  

As a facilitator and trainer I help individuals and teams develop effective communication and team leadership skills.  My style of facilitation encourages your people to think and learn together in a positive and engaging environment. There is a strong focus on applying the learning at work.

Training workshops

You'll find some popular workshops outlined below. Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss booking a workshop, either as a live online event, or face to face. Training is always tailored to the specific needs of your team, to make sure the learning is relevant and practical.

Team development programmes

Develop your teams and team leaders, with a bespoke integrated programme of coaching, communication style assessments, and facilitated workshops. Improve trust and communication within a team, and between teams across your organisation. 

Please contact me for a complimentary 30 minute consultation focused on your learning needs. 

New Manager: Essential Skills

New to managing people? This course will help you get it right, from the start. 

Assertiveness Skills 

Would you like to find it easier to speak out and be heard? This course will help you build confidence in your communication.

Facilitate Effective Meetings

Learn practical ways to facilitate meetings that engage and involve people. Make good use of people's time and motivate them to action.

Develop Yourself as a Leader

Develop your emotional intelligence, to help you lead and inspire others. Learn how and when to use the most effective leadership styles.

Positive Psychology at Work 

Practical applications of research on how people can flourish and thrive at work. For a happier and more productive team.

Improve your Presentation Skills

Practical course to help you design and deliver engaging presentations. Bring focus and structure to your content. Feel more confident.

Coaching Skills for Managers

Coaching helps you to develop and empower your team members. Practical introductory course focused on the core skills of coaching.

Resilience in the Face of Change

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from change or adversity. Learn practical evidence-based techniques.

Persuasive Communication Skills

Learn the skills of persuasive communication. Increase your influence whilst maintaining your integrity, and respect for other people.

Felicity is an engaging facilitator - passionate about helping people and groups develop their confidence and live into their strengths. 

She developed a 6-week training programme on 'Confident Communication' on behalf of Lean In South England that we delivered as a pilot at my company, Ordnance Survey. The members of that group talked about gaining new tools to help them be better listeners as well as a rich array of techniques to develop their own voice and their influence. I was struck by how many articulated a moment of self-realisation from the course - e.g. "I'm much more assertive than I realised" or "I realised how my language is contributing to this conflict.

Elizabeth Garber 
Lean In South England

Felicity conducted a study day focused on Public engagement for the volunteers of Arundel Museum. She was able to harness their passion and ideas with a firm yet gentle manner. The whole experience was both constructive and educating. Everybody enjoyed it and based also on their feedback their felt enriched by it. Next day she had already produced the notes from the discussions and group work into a summarised document attached with an evaluation. She is competent, pleasant, efficient and I highly recommend her. 

Ernestos Karydis - Event Manager

Felicity is a superb facilitator who is able to get the best out of people in a group setting. I have known Felicity since January 2013, in her capacity as group leader in Winchester for my networking business, Fabulous Women. I also commissioned her to facilitate a consultation meeting for our group leaders across the South East. Felicity has the ability to balance a highly professional approach with an inclusive and friendly style that encourages people to collaborate. She ensures meetings start and finish on time and achieve agreed objectives. At the same time, she creates a warm environment where people feel at home and feel safe to contribute.

Jane Hardy
former MD Fabulous Networking, author Pink Slippers

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